Chris Snuggs - Ruminations
December 2015
"If something is worth doing, do it properly. Any other approach is dishonest, and you might as well not do it in the first place."
"The intensity of fervour applied by someone to some ideological or religious end is almost always in direct proportion to the horrendous damage and suffering it causes."
"There is no imaginable lunacy, depravity or cruelty which someone, somewhere, sometime has not committed in the past or will not commit in the future."
"What can be abused, will be abused, unless good people strive to prevent it - often with their own blood."
"Many if not most things are only fully appreciated when they are gone - and then it is too late. So it is with the ecology of our planet. The last human will one day be lying on a rock gasping for breath and wondering why his slow agonising death is happening to him; all the culprits of course will be long dead.

The greatest sin of Homo Sapiens is the destruction of the ecosystem for totally innocent animals, including sea creatures choked by plastic. The question has to be asked: "Does Man deserve to survive?" Any species on the planet apart from Man (and possibly dogs) would almost certainly say 'No'".

"HABIT. Sometimes one sees things that totally shock. However, if they don't go away, the next time one sees them they may shock a bit less. In the end, one accommodates oneself to almost everything; the most perverse and cruel action can become "normal" for the society/group/community/tribe one is living in.

This of course applies in particular to people who abandon their critical faculties and follow some sort of cult which tells them how to be a human: ISLAM being the best example.

HABIT can of course be a good thing. If I were put to live on a rubbish dump I would suffer badly at first, but I would get used to it eventually, as kids in South America no doubt have to. Without habit, life for some people would be intolerable, and suicide the only solution. Being able to put up with the intolerable enables us to survive - up to a point; like almost EVERYTHING else, habit can be abused, and blind us to reality.

However, a civilised human tries to see each thing as if new so as better to evaluate it on its own merits, and not according to political correctness, the familiarity of habit or political and/or religious creed.

HINT: Imagine you are a visiting alien seeing things on Earth for the first time .......